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Link Hay Day to Facebook

vincular hay day con facebook

Today, thanks to the integration of technologies that offer more immediacy and cybersecurity to users, online games can be linked to our social media accounts like Facebook or Google.

If you don’t know how to connect Hay Day to Facebook, then you’ve come to the right place because here we explain it with a small guide.

Quick Guide to Link Hay Day to Facebook

As you know, you can link your Hay Day account to any of the following three platforms, so if you need to change or factory reset your device, you won’t lose your progress. These are:

  • Supercell ID
  • Facebook
  • Google

But in today’s post, we will specifically explain how to connect Hay Day to Facebook.

How to Connect Hay Day to Facebook?

Unfortunately, the ability to link Hay Day with Facebook has been removed. Now you can only link it with Google or Supercell ID.

How to Resolve Issues Linking Hay Day to Facebook

Android users, pay attention to the upcoming Hay Day update

The next update of Hay Day is scheduled for mid-April 2021. After this update, the game will no longer be available for download from the Samsung Galaxy Store. If you downloaded Hay Day from this store, it is important to follow these steps to avoid problems:

Steps to prepare your farm before the update

  1. Back up your farm: Use Supercell ID, Facebook, or Google Play to secure your data if you haven’t done a backup previously.
  2. Uninstall Hay Day: Remove the game from your device.
  3. Download Hay Day from Google Play Store: Reinstall the game from the Google Play Store and reconnect it to your Supercell ID, Facebook, or Google Play account.
  4. Future installations and updates: From now on, you can easily download new installations and updates from the Google Play Store.


Follow these steps to ensure that your progress in Hay Day is protected and you can enjoy future updates without issues. Backing up your data and changing the download source to the Google Play Store will ensure your gaming experience is not interrupted.

Why Was the Facebook Login Button Removed?

Recently, Supercell removed the Facebook login button in Hay Day. The company stated that the decision was made for technical reasons. The constant changes in the Facebook platform have made it difficult for Hay Day to maintain this functionality.

Official Statement from Supercell

Supercell explained that frequent changes in Facebook’s settings and policies prevent the game from continuing to support login through this social network. This decision aims to ensure the game’s stability and security, avoiding potential issues for players.

Alternatives to Connect Your Account

Although the Facebook button is no longer available, there are other ways to connect your Hay Day account and secure your progress:

  1. Supercell ID: This is the most recommended option. You can create a Supercell ID for free and use it to save your progress and access your farm from any device.
  2. Google Play: If you are an Android user, you can link your Hay Day account with Google Play to maintain a backup of your progress.


The removal of the Facebook login button in Hay Day is due to technical reasons and Supercell’s desire to maintain a stable and secure gaming experience. Use alternatives like Supercell ID or Google Play to continue enjoying the game without issues.

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